you could kill a man in any of these dresses, and pretty sure no jury would convict you. those are killing-men dresses, that’s what i’m saying

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  • Tourist: Could you give us directions to Olive Garden?
  • New Yorker: No, but I could give you directions to an actual Italian restaurant.
  • Tourist:
  • Tourist:
  • Tourist:
  • Tourist: I came here to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now.


the word radical reminds me of this cup


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Space, guys… SPACE!!!!

I kinda want all of these tattoo’d on me

fyi, these make really great phone wallpaper…


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this is like one of those tumblr text posts that never happened except this happened

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buzzfeed food presents variations of foods.

  • buzzfeed: take a dessert
  • buzzfeed: now add bacon
  • buzzfeed: now cookie dough
  • buzzfeed: now oreos.
  • buzzfeed: PEANUT BUTTER
  • buzzfeed: now add bourbon
  • buzzfeed: or other alcohol.
  • buzzfeed: just make it a cocktail.
  • buzzfeed: more bacon
  • buzzfeed: substitute core component with donut
  • buzzfeed: mini version!
  • buzzfeed: s'more version!
  • buzzfeed: Nutella it uuupp.


When people ask me to lead them in prayer

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The majestic Canadian beaver, riding a goose while wearing a maple leaf bikini.Happy Canada Day!


The majestic Canadian beaver, riding a goose while wearing a maple leaf bikini.
Happy Canada Day!

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If you want to help secure the rights of women all over the world go here.
If you want to help people from north korea go here.
If you want to help stop child labor go here
If you want to help people escape from their current situation go here
If you want to help refugees reunite with their families go here

If you want to permanently help the people who are still living in inhumane conditions all over the globe, that grow up experiencing war, violence and discrimination, be political! Go vote, write articles, educate every single person you meet, never shut your mouth, make people aware of the fact that we are still far away from global equality, freedom and peace.  

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I have this blog because talking to yourself is socially unacceptable. apparently.

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